Your Business – Disrupting, or being disrupted?

As we all know, the Insurance, Life and Pension space is going through a lot of change. InsureTech brings with it lots of opportunities and threats. Part of our goal is to help our clients operate more like an InsureTech Startup.

Different types of businesses need different types of support, so of course, we help them in very different ways.

Business Agility Through Digital Agility

For our bigger clients…

We help them be more nimble in creating and bring solutions to market quicker than they may be able to within their own organisation. We help overcome challenges such as internal conflict, conflict of interest and bureaucracy. We can help overcome concerns by assuming more responsibility and ownership.


We were recently working with a client to create and execute a pilot for a new offering, where hundreds of employees were the initial target audience. There were concerns from our clients Compliance and HR teams about the amount and type of information that would be captured about employees by their internal teams. We offered to take the project “outside” the organisation, and assumed full responsibility for the deliverable, including data capture, protection, access control, security, and destruction after the pilot. A showstopper roadblock was removed, and the project was executed flawlessly with remarkable insights gained.

For our smaller clients…

We understand that growing a business can be a challenge. Are you an SME that wants to progress your digital offerings but doesn’t have an IT team / the skills to do it in house? For some of our clients, we are their IT team. We deliver the full stack IT experience, from initial engagement with the business to understand the challenge / project, right through to hosting and technical support & maintenance. We provide a range of different skills in the middle:

  • Ideation, Problem Solving, Solution Design,
  • Business Analysis / Intelligence,
  • Project Management (Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile, Waterfall)
  • Design (Architecture, UX, UI, Analytics/BI, AI)
  • Development (Front, Middle and Back-end, Analytics)
  • Testing (Manual & Automated)
  • Security Assessments (Data Security, Penetration Tests, VA Scanning etc)
  • Hosting (Private Cloud)
  • Maintenance (Ongoing support models for bug fixing, enhancements, upgrades)
  • Support (Technical and / or Customer support)


We help bring your vision to live and connect your products with your customers, to create a meaningful experience that strengthens your brand and deepens customer engagement. Through our Design Thinking, and Lean approach to product creation, we achieve fast tangible results for your organisation.

Solution Orchestration

Whether we’re helping you bring brand new products to market, or transforming mature products to make them even more amazing, we partner with you to digitally transform your product lifecycle, to consistently operate in harmony with the ever evolving voice if your customers.

Insight Driven

From customer discovery, through to analytics and rich MI insights, we help digitally native and traditional businesses transform into modern digital businesses. We work with you to define a game plan, design the solutions your customer wants, then help you get to market… quickly!

Thinking Different

We don’t understand “can’t” and believe there are many ways to solve a problem. Our experience and the way we approach problems helps bring a fresh perspective. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes, and a different approach is all thats needed to nudge things along.

Replatform & Integration

How does your existing software / solutions interact with newer offerings? If your like most companies, the answer is probably – “Not very well”. So, you can fix it by improving the integrtation between systems, or change it by replatforming to something that will naturally work with your existing suite of applications.

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